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F W Murnau's classic Dracula film, shown alongside Morykit's hauntingly beautiful new concert. The event was premiered in Leicester and Leamington Spa for Halloween in October 2015 and received fantastic reactions from the audience. It then went on to open the Bram Stoker International Film Festival in Whitby in 2016.

The music is now available on download from various sites including iTunes and Spotify.

A CD is also available, please email for purchase details.

If you are interested in showing the production, please contact Dmytro's manager, Hazel Cameron, via the contacts page.

Image by Elari Lend      
In September 2017, Dmytro gave the concert at the Baltic Film & Media School, at the University of Tallinn. He also did a Q&A after the event which proved successful and great fun. (Images by Elari Lend)

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Audience Feedback:

"Another wonderful score written & performed by the virtuoso Dmytro Morykit"
Noel J Griffin

"Fantastic Evening, look forward to your return."  Jamie Wilson

"We had the most amazing night and thought your compositions and playing were out of this world." Jayne Reed

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