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A Lifetime's Work...

Click on the Soundcloud Icon above to hear samples of Dmytro's music. His work can be downloaded from many sites across the internet including Itunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play.

Dmytro has been composing for more than 30 years and in that time his versatility as a composer has allowed him to work on Rock, Classical, film, dance, theatre, poetry and even video games. To hear a few of these pieces, go to his Youtube channel.

A full catalogue of his work is being put together, meanwhile much of it can be found via the internet on various pages within this site, including: Compositions, Films & Other Work.

I really love your music - so much more vital than much we hear today Professor Richard Stoker (Actor & Composer)
Two kinds of crafting composing a new aesthetic and evoking renewed respect for human makarship. Tessa Ransford, OBE, Edinburgh