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Commissioned by Amnesty International for a collaboration with poet Angus Calder and Gowan Calder. The complete programme, 'from Dungeons to the Sky', included 12 pieces which was performed at the Queen's Hall, Edinburgh for the Commonwealth Head of States visit in 1996. The programme was later recorded at Pet Sounds and is available on CD from this site...please use the contact page.

This piece is part of Pablo Neruda's poem 'Machu Picchu'.
Other pieces available on YouTube & Video are Stevie Smith, Edwin Morgan, Bertold Brecht

The full track list is:

1.    Macchu Picchu solo piano (Dmytro Morykit)
2.    The White Tiger (William Blake)
3.    Welcome, My Woman (Nazim Hiknet)
4.    Scrubbing the furious walls of Mikuyu (Jack Mapanje)
5.    from ‘On a Raised Beach’ (Hugh McDiarmid)
6.    Of poor old Bertolt Brecht (Bertolt Brecht)
7.    On a Political Prisoner (WB Yeats)
8.    The Heights of Macchu Picchu (Pablo Neruda)
9.    Not Waving but Drowning (Stevie Smith)
10.    Mandalay (Rudyard Kipling)
11.    High Talk (WB Yeats)
12.    Solo Piano Piece (Dmytro Morykit)
13.    Cinquevalli (Edwin Morgan)