The pieces are listed as they first appear but many are introduced (in part) on several occasions throughout the film. The main scenes are noted in brackets.


Young Pretender

This piece has a long history: Inspired by the work of Akira Kurosawa but now developed for Metropolis. It became a soundtrack on an advert for Medecins Sans Frontieres. (first scene & on seeing Maria for first time)


Chess (Louis)

Composed by Dmytro  in a satirical, baroque style, originally for the band 'Suppose I Laugh' in the 1980s. (Club of the sons & formal dinner)


Braw Ending

Written originally as a reel and developed with satirical tones, it has not been generally used. Part of the album Scotland on Piano. (Eternal gardens)


Pendulum Theme

This is a ‘Bach meets Morricone’ piece, full of ‘tension and fear’, with use of pedal notes in the base and repeated ostinato in the middle part. (machine rooms, plotting scene)


Corvid Black

Used for a short film, Dark Harbour. Recently added to ‘Music in Manufacture’ to accompany Sam Spreckley’s film, Oil & Water. (initial blow out & heading for catacombs)


The Juggler

This piece was created in the early 80s for lyrics by Richard Stoker but failed to find the right voice. Originally an electronic piece. (city scene)


Into Blue

Created in 2010 and developed for the Open University’s 50th Anniversary commission. (first conversation with father & wrecking of machines)


The Thin Man

This was written for Metropolis. (on arrival of the Thin Man)


Miss Havisham

Written for the film Buckshee Countess. Later arranged for Neil Grubb’s wildlife film, Outlands.  (Freder first seeing machine room)



A representation of Dmytro’s father's origins. This piece is written with a strong Eastern European signature.  (Rotwang’s house & dance of workers)



A fairly recent piece, with overtones to Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven & Hell. (revelation of the robot & taking Maria to stake)


Love Theme

Written for Metropolis. (seeing Maria & reunion during the flood)


Other World

This came to fruition in 2010 during a period of emotional upheaval. A piece about reconciliation. Used in Music in Manufacture with Sam Spreckley’s ‘Particles’. (Babel & final scene)


Le Fugitif

Written for a Jacques Brel Show at Edinburgh Fringe (2012). A homage to Brel and a nod to Shostakovich. Developed for Metropolis as a scherzo. (escape from Rotwang, Robot with father & Freder & Rotwang’s fight)



Inspired by Bach’s Goldberg Variations and used by Neil Grubb in his wildlife film, Oasis. (Cathedral scene)


Silver Screen

Originally the theme was treated twice, once in electronic format and then on piano. Written with reference to the old silent movies and developed for Metropolis. (Rotwang creating Maria the robot)


The Wedding March

This was part of a much longer piece which won the Best Original Composition at the National Student Drama Festival in Southampton. (Dance of Maria the Robot at Formal dinner & Freder’s nightmare)


Tango Tease

This has been composed for Metropolis, with incitement and dance in mind, it has a touch of the Eva Perón. (Robot inciting fights and destruction)


Pin Point

Part of a commission for the Open University’s 50th Anniversary to accompany a film by Samuel Spreckley. Inspired by the Titan Cassini project. (final collapse of the machines and flooding of depths)


Mining for Gold

This was a song in the 1980s and has recently been recorded with Steve Kettley on saxophone and released as part of the Summer Snow EP.